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Saba Chlorella SPECIAL

Saba Chlorella - Organic, Highest Potency, Pure Superfood, Cracked Cell Wall, High in Protein & Chlorophyll - 60 Tablets

Stock up on our cracked cell chlorella and take advantage of your cleansing to the next level.

-Each organic chlorella table now contains a 500 mg organic cracked cell wall, a superior nutrient-dense superfood packed with protein, amino acids, omega-3s, vitamins, fiber, enzymes, antioxidants, flavonoids, polyphenols, and minerals. The cell wall has been broken down naturally to aid digestibility and bioavailability.

- Research has shown that chlorella boosts immunity and improves gut health. Chlorophyll increases red and white blood cell count. It helps protect against free radicals, binding to toxins for removal.


  • Soy-Free, • Non-GMO, • cGMP, • Third-Party Lab Tested, and • Gluten-Free.


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