Saba for life - SABA NIGHT BLISS -One 60-count Bottle
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SABA NIGHT BLISS -One 60-count Bottle

Saba Night Bliss™ – One 60-count Bottle

Why toss and turn all night when you can be getting the deepest, most blissful sleep of your life?  Saba Night Bliss is a gentle sleep aid that you can count on! It is a harmonious blend of relaxing herbs, nutrients, and melatonin to encourage easy, restful sleep without grogginess.

A good night of sleep is crucial to your well-being. Chronic lack of sleep and poor sleep quality is linked to many health conditions, including reduced immune function, weight gain, depression, high blood pressure, and even diabetes.

Saba Night Bliss is the easiest, safest, and most effective way to experience the restful, relaxing sleep you deserve and wake up ready to take on a bright new day.


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Cannot go eithout this product

Our kids use the Night Bliss every night to help them sleep. They ask for it by name every night & they know how much it helps them. We make sure to never ever run out of it! Absolutely amazing product & I love that you can control the dosage with the number of squirts.

This works!

This has been a favorite of mine for years since I have an overactive brain that would otherwise keep me awake at night or prevent me from falling back to sleep. Usually only 2 or 3 sprays under my tongue will help me fall asleep in about 20 minutes, and help me stay asleep! Unlike prescription medications and other over the counter products that I have tried, I wake up refreshed and never groggy with Saba Night Bliss! Cheryl Grimes


there are some nights where I just cannot shut off my brain! Two pumps of Night Bliss, and lights out!! I sleep like a BABY!!!

Sweet dreams are a spray away.

When I am having trouble falling asleep I grab the Night bliss by my bed 6 sprays under the tongue and within 15 minutes I'm drifting off to Dreamland. A restful sleep and I wake up ready to start the day with no sluggish feeling. Great tasting as well.