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Do not like coffee but...

I do not like coffee but I love this coffee! I started drinking this in middle age when I realized ALL it could do for me. I never drank coffee before. I do add a scoop of cocao to mine and the Saba creamer so I guess technically it is not just coffee. I look forward to this because of all the health benefits. If a person is going to drink coffee they might as well drink this. You get more energy, appetite control, better focus, and a great mood! I get FULL after drinking it.

Morning glory

I uwe to work 12-14hr days and this was so good to keep in my truck to add to my water whenever I needed it. focus on my tasks and kept me going! This product is great for someone who is on the go!

Love this coffee!!

I had never ever drank coffee before in my life until I started drinking this coffee, but I wanted to give it a try because I heard about all of the great benefits. I mix a scoop of this coffee with the Chocolate Toppfast and some almond milk, throw in a couple of ice cubes, and drink it's soooo good! Cold chocolate coffee for breakfast. It has amazing appetite control. That's my favorite thing about it. And I love the energy and focus it gives me too. Definitely a wonderful product.

Love this!

Love this product because it just makes you feel good! I feel more focused, more energetic but never jittery, and the appetite control is great! I have to remind myself to eat lunch around 2pm, after only a single dose of this early the morning! Caffeine usually disturbs my sleep if I have it past about 9am, so I also love that I can control the amount I have by sometimes taking less than a scoop, since I am extremely caffeine sensitive. It is also great that there are no other stimulants in it! And, unlike regular coffee, the energy is long lasting with no crashing! Thanks Saba for another great product! (Cheryl Grimes)

Empower coffee

Empower smart coffee gives me the most Fullness and energy in the mornings. It also is one of the best ways to get BPC in the mornings. Empower also fits in my keto lifestyle.


I can’t say enough about this wonderful coffee! I was skeptical at first about an instant coffee, until I tasted it! It is not only good, but it gives me plenty of energy, and controls my appetite!

My Happy Coffee

I love how this coffee makes me feel like I have happy bubbles floating around in my brain! I like to drink mine mid morning with the amazing creamer to help me through all the craziness!

Coffee with a little kick.

If you need a little extra kick in the morning with appetite control with a hint of cocoa this is for you. You can drink it hot or cold. As a drink or an added scoop to a protein shake. I like the Empower creamer added for extra creaminess and flavor. The mood Enhancers are great.

Morning glory

I love this coffee! It gives me the energy I need to focus at work!


I've been using them consistently for a month, the appetite control is on point, the energy is insane . I work long hours with a 90 minute commute, with this capsule I'm able to meet the day head on & keep a smile on my face.

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