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Love the new formula, with only taking 2 capsules a day..


I take the Chlorella since I have had problems going to the bathroom regularly. Helps keeps my digestive system healthier.


Saba Chlorella taken with Spark of Life has kept my son off prescription iron. I suggested Saba's natural supplements to his Dr and with his okay we started him on them and monitored his iron levels. After a year I'm happy to say that his iron levels are now normal and we only have to do yearly monitoring. With these products we had none of the dreaded constipation and pain that comes with taking prescription iron tablets.


‘I purchased this product from my local Saba distributor. I was interested in all the great health benefits and super food qualities. This is definitely a product that I will be adding to my daily regimen.


If I could give this product a million stars I would!!
After doing lots of research, we decided to give this a try.... My husband has MASSIVE arthritis and is constantly in pain. After trying Saba Chlorella for a month, his pain was drastically reduced. Now that he’s continued taking it, and slightly changed his diet (not as much junk food) he’s virtually pain free!!


I recently in the past 3 weeks started on Chlorella I have been feeling much healthier. I feel like my energy is back and I’m not as tired as I had been feeling. I take one a day with each meal. I feel as though my body is cleaner where it had felt all bogged up.

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