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80 pounds in 250 days with ACE

I am 100% positive ace was exactly what I needed last summer to make life changes necessary to turning the trajectory of my health around. I lost over 200 pounds over 10 years ago & after many ups and downs in life- I gained almost all back. Ace came back around June 2023 and when I heard, I simply Had to try it!!! Ace has helped not only with my portion control on a daily basis but it has also changed my cravings. I no longer drink soda, desire bread or sweets & naturally have lost over 80 lbs since. I do not personally have a workout regimen down. I look forward to adding one as I am now under 300 pounds and feeling better than ever. 2 Ace capsules taken consistently has been a life changing TOOL for a food addict like myself. It's worth every penny in my book and I will continue taking Ace as I still have a long ways to go! :)


I have lost 37 lbs in 8 months and never felt better. Ace is absolutely amazing, with great appetite control and energy. I could not ask for a better product.


Ace has been my go to for years. I will take this at lunch time since I drink the Smart coffee plus at breakfast. Gives me the added energy I need to get through my full time job and then go home to work my business, run with my kids and get through my days. Appetite control is on point. I can tell if I do not take my Saba supplements. They work if you put in the work.


This is the best weight loss product that I have ever used. The best. I am 69 years old and the product doesn't adversely affect me at all. AND IT WORKS!!! This is the third time I've used Saba Ace. When my clothes feel snug, it's time for Saba Ace!!! I can't sing it's praises enough. Good product that works. THE BEST!!


Can I say fast shipping! So I was worried thinking it may take a while to arrive but I was wrong! I received my ACE in 2 days with standard shipping. How amazing ! So excited to start my journey

I Love ACE

I am so glad ACE is back. I have struggled with weight loss for years and tried different things. I am so glad to be back on track with great appetite control, smooth energy, and weight loss. Only had ACE back for a little over a week can't wait to see the weight loss happen.

Oh YES!!

I started this on 2/25/20 weighing 149. On 2/29/20, I weighed 144. So this does work !! I am no longer thinking of what I am going to be eating next, but I know I do need to eat. I hope this formula does not change! Looking to buy more !! I used the old ACE formula back in 2012 and lost 85lbs and I have been struggling to find the ACE that will work like the old did, so finally it's back !!

Trainer/QC control

OMGEEE!! ACE is the absolute BEST! I started mine on 2/22/2020 and I’m already down, 8 POUNDS! Shut the front door! Yes, u read that correctly!! 8#’s in 6 days! I’ve tried all the Saba weight management products and ACE is by far, my #1!! Thank u, Saba for bringing it back!!!

Amazing product!

I took a leap and ordered Ace. I'M NEVER LOOKING BACK! Ace is the best product I've used for energy and focus! Weightloss is just a bonus. I get everything done plus more and it makes me feel so good! If you're looking for a great product, this is it!

Best appetite control

I am so excited this back and man have I missed that appetite control! The best ever!!! From snacking before bed on junk to not even having cravings for it! I have been using this for 2 weeks and I am down 8 lbs! My appetite has been cut down more than half. No overeating thanks to ACE!!

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